Ham Yard Hotel

  • ProjectHam Yard Hotel

  • ProductCrittall screens & doors

  • ArchitectWoods Bagot

  • DateN/A

  • ClientFirmdale

  • ContractorFirmdale Hotels

“ A feeling of luxury in simplicity’” is how Kit Kemp, co-founder and design director of Firmdale Hotels, describes the thinking behind the company’s award winning development that has proved a hit with guests seeking something different for a stay in central London. The Ham Yard hotel, making its mark in a transformed corner of Soho, won the hotels and hospitality category in the New London Awards in 2015, less than a year after opening. Its character, both inside and out, is stunning and in no small way created by the imaginative use of floor-to-ceiling windows, supplied – as with other Firmdale developments in both London and New York – by Crittall.

The architects responsible for Ham Yard – Woods Bagot – have made it the hub of an imaginative slice of urban regeneration that has brought back pedestrian links to Piccadilly Circus while creating an intimate public square. The hotel itself boasts rooms for 91 guests together with 24 apartments and a mix of shops and bars, plus a cinema and bowling alley. All this has transformed what was previously a dingy cul-de-sac.

The W20 Corporate steel windows sourced from Crittall have become something of a hallmark for Firmdale developments. They are key both to the appearance of the external façade and the interior where the slender profiles provide the maximum area of unobscured glazing while still accentuating strength. Full height steel framed doors also open up the restaurant to an outer terrace while the generous proportions of the windows in the bedrooms ensure that guests have a clear view of the bustling neighbourhood.

Climatic conditions in the heart of central London can prove somewhat challenging but the Crittall windows, doors and internal screens are more than able to meet the requirements thanks to the hot-dip galvanizing that is a fundamental part of the firm’s production process.