Bespoke doorsets

This will generally encompass constructions which fall outside the parameters of the standard product range. This could include oversized doorsets or an unusual configuration that is subject to final design and technical approval prior to fabrication.

A good example of this is highlighted in our Private Residence case study. Another typical example would be in the manufacture of minimalist metal framework to provide a slimline border around a single infill panel or grid support structure for an internal partition within an office or private residence. Constructed from standard off-the-shelf angle and hollow section in either steel or aluminium and painted black or to a RAL colour of choice. Stainless steel with a satin brush finish could be an alternative option.

Depending on the specification, we’ve produced tailor-made designs for fire rated constructions which have incorporated laser-cut lattice work to give the appearance of narrow or decorative profiled transom and mullions.

We’ve got a broad pool of experience in this area here at Crittall Fabrications. Using our CAD software system we can offer customers a varied array of bespoke solutions.

Whatever your requirements, we can work with you on a supply-only basis or we can offer a full design and installation service via Crittall Windows or one of our registered partners. Just contact us to discuss your project.