Fire rated doorsets & glazed partitioning

Steel fire rated glazed doorsets, flush-fitting steel fire rated doorsets and fire rated steel glazed partition walling are designed to prevent the passage of fire and smoke (and where specified, heat) for a given period of time. This enables architects and others to incorporate a fire plan escape route into a building design. As you might expect, there are stringent regulations around the manufacture and design of fire rated doors and glazed partitions, but you can take peace of mind in knowing that our doorsets and partitions fully comply with the various BS and EN standards that govern these.

As accredited manufacturers, we’ve access to very significant resources capable of supporting design ratification, technical information, test certification and documentation. Our fire rated profiles can generally suite with our wider Crittall Group profiles, both internal and external, to retain the look and feel consistently across the design and application of all fire rated doorsets and fire rated glazed partitioning.

All of this means you can choose supply-only, or our full design and installation* service with complete confidence, knowing that your quality, service and delivery expectations will be met.

Fire rated steel doorsets and fire rated steel glazed partitioning includes:

  • Single and double leaf doorsets with side and top lights if required
  • Rebated and non-rebated single or double action doors
  • Latched with lever handles or unlatched with pull handle / push plate options
  • Fire ratings from 30 – 120 minutes’ integrity only (E30 – E120) or 30 – 90 minutes’ integrity and insulation (EI30 – EI90) for doorsets and up to EI120 for glazed screens
  • Sliding doors, single and double leaf with ‘break-out / break-in’ emergency exit function
  • Steel and stainless steel profile material options plus over-cladding panels in stainless steel and bronze finish
  • Metal-skinned doorsets with or without vision panels
  • Selected systems can also offer levels of burglar and bullet resistance
  • Glazed partition walls with fully framed or butt jointed glass
  • Low rise curtain walling ground floor treatment

*Design and installation service is subject to the scope of the work and may be passed for consideration to Crittall Windows Limited.